I (Chris Spackman) studied Asian History at the University of Hawaii after getting a B.A. in History from Loyola in New Orleans. I came to Japan on the JET Program in July 1995 and was soon looking around for a way to continue my studies while living in inaka. Somewhere along the line I got the idea of starting an online encyclopedia of historical information--partly to learn html and partly as a way of furthering my studies.

After discovering open-source (via the Linux operating system), I realized that an open (or free) license was much better suited to my project than regular copyright.

There are several very worthy open content sites up and running. Andamooka has several open content books online and available for readers to add their comments to. Nupedia, although commercial, seems to understand the open content philosophy and looks like it will be a fine encyclopedia one day. (It is still in the very early stages of development). If you don't feel like waiting for Nupedia, give www.wikipedia.com a try.

A search at google for "open content" will turn up many other fine sites. The idea of Open Content seems to be spreading.

I would like OpenHistory to eventually include historical documents (like the US Constitution), books, book reviews, encyclopedias, bibliographies, and everything else that people need in order to do history. Getting all possible primary documents online may pose a bit of a problem.)

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