Pictures of Things Japanese

A great site with plenty of photo albums from around Japan. The albums include beautiful, high-resolution pictures of everything from temples and nature to street scenes in Harajuku.

If you cannot make it to Japan, you can tour a good part of the country just from


MondoPhoto has thousands of photos from around the world. Their Japanese album seems to have moved to The Hidden Tokyo. The pictures are mostly from in and around Tokyo.

Japan / Japanese History Sites

The Samurai Archives.
A really first class site for information on samurai and the Sengoku Period.

Sengoku Daimyo
A.J. Bryant's samurai pages. A lot of information.

Karate the Japanese Way
This is the site for a book (``Karate the Japanese Way'') being written by a friend of mine, Mark Groenewold. He knows his stuff. If you are interested in Karate at all, take a look at this site.

(I am taking care of the HTML for his site, so I am of course a bit biased here.)

Daruma NOW
This site is all about daruma. More daruma than you ever knew existed. Lots and lots of info and links.

Sites about Free / Open Books and Education

Project Gutenberg
The Granddaddy of free books. Thousands of out-of-copyright books, all in plain-vanilla ascii text. The license is not truly ``free'', but unless you are planning on making money off the works, they are all free-as-in-beer.

An opensource / free documentation project aimed at creating curriculums and programs to help schools implement them.
An opensource / free documentation project whose goal is `to produce a history of the world that can be used as a resource by anyone.'

The Open Textbook Project

Education section of the Simple End User Linux Project

The Open Book Project

Free / Open books online with a system for adding comments to the books.

The Essayer
Reader reviews of open books.
Home of the a series of physics texts and the essay Do Open-Source Books Work?


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