03 April 2016

Wow! Somehow, it has been almost 10 years since I updated this page. The project is not dead, but obviously not a priority anymore. I will continue updating, but it is going to be slow going. My focus is going to be more on open educational resources for history and less on the encyclopedia. Wikipedia is probably good enough for most people, but there is still a need for quality free / open classroom resources such as readings, graphics, and worksheets. This will overlap with the work I do for ESL students and teachers at, so check there for materials also.

03 April 2016

In other news, thanks to and Let's Encrypt, both OpenHistory and can now be accessed securely. I haven't set up automatic forwarding, yet, so be sure to use https when you access either.

18 September 2006

Version 0.3.4 of the JHDP's Encyclopedia of Japanese History is now up. Plenty of new and updated material.

10 September 2005

The pics section is back up. I have a bunch of pics that I still need to add to it. Hopefully sometime this month. For the moment, it should be easier to use than it was before. Also gave it a new theme.

Redid the layout of the main page a bit, as you probably already noticed.

Coming soon - an update to the Japanese history encyclopedia.

28 August 2005

The pics section is down temporarily while I update the whole thing. It should be back up sometime in September. Sorry for the inconvenience.

12 August 2004

Version 0.3.3 of the JHDP encyclopedia is now available for download in the following formats:

  1. OpenOffice
  2. PDF
  3. PS
  4. plain (UTF-8) text
  5. gzipped HTML

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