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This project was last updated on 18 September 2006

Purpose: create, compile, and / or develop useful materials for students and teachers of Japanese history.

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03 April 2016 Update

Truth is, the switch to SXW/ODT turned out to not be a great idea. The goal was to improve support for Japanese language content in JHDP materials — remember I switched back in the early 2000s! However, I lost so much internal content (things like links, tables, index entries) that just getting back what had been lost in the switch was extremely time consuming. Images also became problematic, for technical reasons we don't need to get into here.

End result is, I am switching back to LaTeX and may have to just go back to content I had before the switch. That would mean lots of work lost, but it would also mean lots of work regained.

Anyhow, watch this space for some updates coming soon.


Encyclopedia (Updated 18 September 2006)

Known problem - somewhere in the switch from Openoffice format (SXW) to the new OpenDocument format (ODT), the internal links became corrupted and most no longer work. This will be fixed as soon as possible.

Encyclopedia (Updated 12 August 2004)
Intro. to Japanese History
Japanese History Bibliography (Updated 22 January 2002)
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